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Lightning Clean provides professional Exterior pressure washing, commercial power washing and is a growing and environmentally responsible company who takes pride in providing the highest quality products and pressure washing services to our clients.

Lightning Clean is a pressure washing company serving Business owners,Property Managers and Home Owners throughoutThe Bryan College Station area since 2006. Now serving Madisonville Tx and Huntsville Tx Providing a level of service that will exceed your expectations, we go the extra mile and spend the time to deliver the highest quality possible.

Our goal is to provide you with the very best in exterior power washing at an affordable price with exceptional customer service.

What We Do

Lightning Clean is now offering a foam house wash. Cleaning tough stains on hard surfaces with foam, replacing the need for High Pressure Washing. Thick foam is spread out on the surface, and biological cleaning agents within the foam sink down deep into the grime or stain and remove it from the surface. The foam and the broken-down grime or stain are then power washed off with Low Pressure. This foam can be used on the sides of houses and on decks, Sidewalks and Driveways.

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